Make Retargeting Easier!

We created the Retargeting Campaign Calculator to make it easier for you to understand retargeting in 2016. We know it can be confusing to plan a campaign: how much to spend, what results to expect.

EVERY site visit counts. Retargeting gives you an opportunity to convert people that have visited your site without taking the action(s) you want them to. Our calculator helps you plan the best campaign to get them back.


Our retargeting calculator shows you:

  • Retargeting Budget Breakdown to see how your spend affects results.
  • Estimated Impressions to see estimated retargeting ad impressions.
  • Expected Clicks to find out how many clicks to expect on your ads.

Calculate Now

Enter the number of monthly unique visitors you get to the "trigger" pages you want to use in your retargeting efforts. Based on it, we'll provide you with both Facebook and Web retargeting costs and engagement!



Initial Results Based on   Monthly Unique Visitors

Ideal Monthly Budget  
Expected Impression Ranges for Ideal Budget

Ideal Monthly Budget: ideal budget to reach 100% of your target audience

Expected Impression Ranges for Ideal Budget: impressions to expect if you spend the ideal budget

Want the full report?

We'll send you a detailed report with:

  • Clicks you can expect to your landing page(s) based on your budget
  • Multiple budget tiers to show how your spend effects results
  • Valuable resources to help you understand your retargeting efforts